Reiki Restores Our Authentic Self

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by Colleen Benelli 

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Summer 2016

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DO YOU EVER FEEL as if there were two different people
living inside of you—one who looks to the outside for
direction and approval and another who beckons you to
follow a path that is more self-directed? Who or what can you
rely on to help you discover which one is the real you? Through
my personal experiences and those of my Reiki clients, I have
found that Reiki can help us identify these two very different
parts of ourselves and then help us choose the one that helps us
live our lives with truth and authenticity. This is our authentic
self, the core and the source of who we were born to be.

When we live through our authentic self, we are thriving, feel
fulfilled, inventive, satisfied, content and able to manifest our
daily life in the way that we want. When we live through the fictional
self, the one that has us seeking outward approval of our
actions, we run into many roadblocks. Let’s look at these two
“selves” more closely to see how they differ and why living from
the authentic self can change your life for the better.

Through my Reiki clients, I have observed that when we
sustain spiritual, emotional and mental injuries to our authentic
self, we often express parts of our lives in the fictional self,
living the life the world tells us to live. Some symptoms of this
are misdirection, unhealthy choices and behaviors, dissatisfaction
and depression. In my clients, these states of being affect
their authentic identity, intellect, authority, personality, imagination,
spirituality, inspiration, creativity, passion, talent,
curiosity, interests, desires, choices, discernment and judgments.
Reiki brings back these qualities in my sessions so often
that I have come to realize that my clients are part of a collective
healing on the planet.

This is especially noticeable with Holy Fire II Reiki energy. It
seems to focus on restoring the authentic self in the individual
and in the collective. The authentic self resides in the spirit.
Holy Fire brings in the glory of God and merges the fragments of
our soul in the wholeness of our spirit. The glory merges into our
soul, and we remember the glory within us in our daily life and
perceptions. It is important to understand that Reiki does this
work spontaneously. As practitioners, our job is to simply activate
Reiki and invite it in to heal without directing it toward any particular
healing goal or expectation of observing one.

External and Internal Factors
We can fragment from our authentic self as a result of both
external and internal factors. The external factors can change our
belief system about ourselves so that we no longer know who we
were meant to be. They are sourced in circumstances mostly out of
our control and may include childhood training, ancestral belief,
peer pressure, cultural beliefs, negative spirit attachments, past
lives, well-meaning people, trauma, etc. They create the stories we
tell ourselves about who we are. And out of these stories comes our
fictional self, who begins to make our daily life decisions based on
someone else’s story. Our beliefs shape who we become; if we
believe we are happy and thriving we will experience that story or
if we believe that we are sad and tragic that will be our story.

When we have been injured we may lose touch with our
authentic self. If the injuries are great, it can be exceedingly difficult
to resist living according to someone else’s version of us—
the fear of rejection by those who want to control us can over
power our need for authenticity, choice and freedom.

Internal factors are usually within our control and arise from
the perceptions we have of the circumstances that we face. We
base our choices and actions on these perceptions. But while it
may seem that we have the power to change our reaction, it may
be difficult to identify the authentic choice because we are still
reacting from the mind of the fictional self.

Psychologist Phillip McGraw (Dr. Phil) has a helpful blog on
this subject 1 that defines the authentic self, offering tips and solutions
from an intellectual view. However, as a Reiki practitioner
I often see that while people can intellectually know they need
to change and want to change, the fictional self’s stories are based
in injuries so ingrained that the life skills needed to make that
change seem impossible to achieve.

This is why Reiki is so practical and where it can help. It heals
at the level of the original injury by unifying the fragments of our
soul with our spirit and with God. Now our internal self is based
in the authentic part of us and has real influence over our external
reality, making it easier to utilize the life skills outlined by
professionals like Dr. Phil.

Once Reiki has released the trapped fictional self and restored
the qualities of our authentic self to our soul it also helps us align
our authentic self and inner guidance with divine guidance, giving
us a greater ability to follow our true path. Amazingly, it can
often do this automatically.

Identity: The most common injury I see to the authentic self is the
alteration of our authentic identity through life experiences, choices
and the expectations of others. Reiki often shows that the original
cause of the injury occurs around 14–16 years of age. This is
the time when we decide who we are as individuals separate from
our parents. We question authority and adopt self-determination.
Parents, peers, teachers and the present day culture can influence
us at this impressionable age when we want to fit in, so we
become who the world expects us to be, rather than who we are.
However, as we get older, we may suffer from discontent and try
to find our true identity.

Authority: Our authentic authority is often lost in very early
childhood, particularly with extremely domineering parents,
teachers or religions that have authority over a child and it can
also be influenced by unhealthy experiences from past lives and
ancestral history. When the authentic authority is lost, people
may look for it outside of themselves, not knowing how to access
or speak their own truth.

Intellect: Our authentic intellect is more than just intelligence,
although that is an important part of our intellect. It includes our
beliefs, talents, curiosities, interests, desires, etc. The loss of
authentic intellect affects our belief about our possibilities and
how we express ourselves through our lifestyle.

Imagination: This is where I first observed the injury to the
authentic self in my clients. Over and again, Reiki healed my
client’s authentic imagination. I questioned this with Reiki and
was shown that almost everyone in our culture has challenges
with their imagination. Its value has been deminished and
assigned to that “place where we make things up.” But it is much
more than that. As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more
important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now
know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire
world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”2

Sovereignty: Authentic sovereignty is the “moral or natural right of
a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of
his own body and life.”3 Not only do we have the legal right on earth
to our body, we have the legal right of creation to be the only one in
control of our body and our soul. Our sovereignty can be violated in
our body and our soul, sometimes from life trauma and abuse and
sometimes because of possession by negative spirits. Restoring the
spiritual right of sovereignty to a person has one of the most profound
healing effects of all. It can be life changing in dramatic ways.

Spirituality: Like our authentic authority, our authentic spirituality
is commonly diminished when a person is dominated or influenced
by a particular belief system based on an outside authority such as
well-meaning parents, teachers, cultures and religions. Reiki teaches
us to access God directly and have our own personal relationship
with the divine by giving us access to our inner guidance and aligning
it with divine guidance to find our authentic spirituality.

Self-Worth: Our authentic self-worth is affected by the loss of
any of the authentic qualities of our spirit. It is one of the most
damaging of all of the losses to our authentic self. In my Reiki sessions,
God always says, “How could you be anything less than
worthy? You are so beautiful.” As the glory of God fills the spirit
and the spirit remembers its glory, the client sees herself through
this light inside and outside and her self-worth becomes divineworth.
I watch as people are restored to trust in life and a new and
greater sense of belonging on the earth.

Restoring the authentic self can be profound and life changing.
At first, it can even be a little disorienting. It affects a person’s
daily life and choices, offering new paths and changes. I
watch how Reiki provides this healing gently and at the pace a
person is able to thrive in.

Reiki heals and empowers the authentic self. I have seen this
deep level of healing in my Reiki work since receiving Holy Fire.
However, it is an aspect of all of Reiki to return us to our true self.
Reiki is a tool that helps us actualize this. It gives us assistance
from God to heal the fictional self-created by the external and
internal influences of life. Reiki empowers us to live as our
authentic self, our spirit, who still remembers the beautiful light
of God within us, and to act from this inner truth.

1 Defining Your Authentic Self,


3 G. A. Cohen,

© Reiki News Magazine • Summer 2016 •
Restoring the Qualities of the Authentic Self

Colleen is the founder of Reiki Lifestyle and a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the ICRT. She teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki including Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. She is also an Associate Teacher for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Colleen lives in Portland, Oregon. Join her on ReikiChat™, a free, monthly Q & A teleconference call, by going to For all other information, Colleen can be reached by email at, through her website at or by phone at  (503) 912-0664.

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Should I Take Reiki?

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by Karissa Brenneman
Photo by Colleen Benelli

Should I Take ReikiShould I take Reiki? That was the burning question in the back of my mind. Back and forth I went, over and over, should I or shouldn’t I. Ultimately, I really didn’t even know what it was. My husband, Brad had taken a Reiki class a couple weeks prior and I was astonished how much his spiritual growth had expanded in such a short time. My heart was happy for him, but I didn’t think that I needed the same healing. I was doing well on my own, meditating and growing at a personal pace.

For two months, I had a burning feeling that January 8th was going to be an important day. For what, I had no idea. I just knew it was important. Brad informed me that there was a Reiki class on January 7th and 8th. That’s it, I thought. I am supposed to become Reiki certified on January 8th! I signed up for the class and that was that.

I couldn’t sleep the night before my class. I had an urgent feeling that something wasn’t going right. I was unsure of this feeling, visualizing myself at the class so I knew it wasn’t something silly like sleeping through my alarm clock. I chose not to share this feeling with Brad as he chose not to share his similar urgent feeling with me.

So, off I drove the morning of January 7th for the hour-long commute. I was focused, nervous and extremely anxious. My urgent feeling had turned into an anxious feeling. My body was trembling inside my bones for some unknown reason. I had prayed when I backed out of the driveway for my angels to keep me safe, but I felt the need to pray again for my safety. Something was off and I just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t shake the feeling of getting into an accident. But I had pictured myself at class so that didn’t make sense. There was absolutely no way I could play keep away from all the cars considering it was seven in the morning.

With only fifteen minutes left in my commute, I was hit by the car in the middle lane. I was driving with the flow of traffic in the fast lane when the car from the center lane had to turn into me to avoid being the victim of a merging oil tanker. My immediate thought was, I knew it! I knew I was going to get into an accident today. Wait, that wasn’t bad. The jeep is still drivable. Thank you angels, thank you angels. I must have repeated thank you 12-15 times as I was pulling over to the side of road. I really didn’t think it was that bad, I barely felt an impact. It seemed as though there was a bubble, or buffer, or cushion around the jeep to lessen my impact. I ran up to the car behind me, knowing in the back of my mind that I had left with extra time to get lost, so I knew I had plenty of time.

I swung open the young girls door seeing she was terrified. I bent over, placing my hands of her shoulder, looking in her trembling eyes, I blurted out, “Are you okay?!” She said she thought I was coming to yell at her. I said “Are you kidding, I’m okay and you’re okay. That’s awesome!” We exchanged insurance information in her car. I did not want to stand outside because it was windy and cold. She kept apologizing, saying she was embarrassed and this was her first accident. As her adrenaline took over, she started to cry. I once again placed my hand on her shoulder telling her how amazing our angels were to us and that they had kept us safe. There was no harm to us. I told her I was so much happier she hit me instead of getting squished by the oil tanker. I counted our blessing and chuckled to myself when I wrote her name down on a piece of paper. Of course her name was Mary Grace. Why would she have any other name today? Yes God, I’m getting your message. “If I can’t handle myself gracefully right now, I shouldn’t go through with this Reiki class.”

Making sure Mary was good and both of our vehicles were drivable, I told her I needed to get to an important class. I looked in her eyes, they weren’t as terrified, but shaken eyes and asked if she was okay. She said yes and I drove away on my journey.

It wasn’t until I was done with Mary that I actually took in how much damage was done to my Jeep. She hit and badly damaged three out of the four panels on the passanger’s side of the vehicle. It was a miracle that I barely felt the impact. Oddly enough, there was no dark paint from her car left on the Jeep. There were many white smudge marks along with normal dents and scratches.

I called Brad to let him know what happened and that’s when he told me he had an awful feeling that I was going to be in an accident. I told him with my shaken, yet thankful voice we were okay and it could have been so much worse. He told me when I left that morning, he wrapped the Jeep and I in a bubble to keep us safe. Maybe the bubble lessened the impact?

I arrived to class right on time. I was welcomed with a hug from our teacher Colleen. I told her a breif overview of my morning because I didn’t want her thinking my energy and aura was always that chaotic! Her hug was warming to my soul, telling me that I was now in the most perfect place I could possibly be.

Not liking to draw attention to myself, word spread quick about the accident and everyone wanted to say something. I brushed it all off because the next two days was for my soul… I didn’t want to be known as the girl that got into an accident on her way to class.

I tried so hard to calm myself throughout the morning. I found the adrenaline was lingering and making it difficult for my heart to slow to normal speed. In a room full of sensitive, empathic women, I was beginning to become self-conscious.

During our short meditation before lunch, I met what I thought was one of my animal guides. It was a beautiful, large, striking white horse with remnents of grey smudgy spots. It was neither a male or female, making it very clear to be called Annopol. I thought I was still shaken up from the accident and I was shown the impact over and over in my meditation. I was beginning to think that the accident had ruined my class experience. I remained hopeful as we breaked for lunch and I tried to control my emotions.

During lunch, my peanut allergy became the subject and I said that it started after I was in a bad accident when I was six months pregnant with our daughter. Our little girl has grown to become a beautiful eight year old. She glows with love and light radiating from her. We’ve always known how sensitive and special is. Her light compensated the dark anger I was going through. The accident changed my body and kick started an auto- immune disorder that I struggled with every day. It had been a really painful, dark time in my life and something in my body chemistry changed to make me severly allergic to peanuts after that. I hadn’t put the puzzle pieces together until later after our attunement on how much the previous accident had changed my life. In all honesty, I really thought I had succeeded in getting rid of my anger, or whatever emotion was lingering inside me from the accident almost eight and a half years earlier. I was wrong.

After lunch, we all regrouped and started our meditation for our attunement. By this time, I was trying not to focus on how bad my head, neck, shoulders, and back was starting to feel. Reminding myself to suck it up because I wasn’t here because of the accident, I was here for Reiki. We started our meditation, guided by Colleen. The sound of her voice was so soothing and comforting. She might not agree because she was struggling with laryngitis, but for me, I felt as though I was right where I was supposed to be. I was safe and thankful for this opportunity.

Colleen guided us to the bridge of light and I froze. I literally couldn’t move, I was questioning if I was good enough to cross that bridge. Not knowing if it was my decision to decide if I was worthy of crossing, I just stood there. The center of the bridge was filled with light so bright that I could barely look straight at it. It didn’t look like one light, it looked like millions of tiny glowing lights, making up one huge light with no end or beginning. On the right side of bridge stood many magnificent armored angels. They wore golden suits of armor, sheilds and spears. I thought, What if they don’t think I am worthy of crossing? Will they make me leave? I was looking down at the golden bridge when I noticed something next to me on my left. I quickly glanced to my left, excited to see my new companion Annopol. Why was Annopol here, I thought. Annopol didn’t have to use words to reply, “To help you cross that bridge.” We were communicating with our minds. I was captivated by Annopol’s deep, dark eyes. They were so large and black, but I could see what seemed like miles in those eyes. I knew we just met, but the connection had been there for much longer. I knew Annopol had been in my life for quite sometime. Annopol knew me too well and I felt so comfortable.

With encouragement, I leaned on Annopol’s shoulder and together we crossed the bridge. When I hesitated, Annopol coaxed me futher, reassuring me that I was safe. When we crossed the bridged and all the glowing lights blocked my way into the past, I had no choice but to look ahead. The sand was as soft as velvet, even I couldn’t see my human body. I felt like a white floating tear drop. I floated to the water to take in the beauty. The ocean had always been special to me so maybe I went to the ocean for my safety. Colleen had said “river” but there was no river. I thought, Well, the ocean is water and this is beautiful. I think I’ll stay. At that moment, admiring the calmness of the water and the tranquil blues and teals, I realized Annopol was gone. My heart skipped a beat, knowing I was alone. I made it over the bridge so I knew I was where I was supposed to be, but why would Annopol just leave me. Annopol knew I needed support and told me to lean on her. I stared at the horizon of the ocean realizing how small I truly am. The horizon was so bright I couldn’t look directly at it.

I breathed the fresh air deep into my soul and felt the presence of encouragement. I looked behind me to see some brush, but not much really to look at. When Colleen talked about going over the bridge of light, I envisioned it magical with colors galore and animals and plants. I hoped that I could hear all these beings talking and they would be so happy to welcome to me. This wasn’t the case at all! All I saw was a limited amount of beach and the ocean.

The air was warm and clean, so I just floated around and tried to take in this experience. At least I had made it over the bridge! I thought about checking out the water temperature out of pure curiosity. If the sand was soft as velvet, what must the water feel like? I reached into the water to feel nothing. Since I wasn’t in my physical body, I had to focus on the feeling, rather than my touch sensation. The water was the same temperature as my soul and it was just as soft as the sand. Unreal, I thought with a little excitement now. My fear had subsided if only for a moment.

I reached in the water again so I could remember the sensation. I floated deeper into the water. Something caught my attention to my left. It was the reflection of Willard in the water. Willard is a Redwood I met last year on my birthday. We had taken a family vacation to the California Redwoods where I met Willard. He had become an instrumental part of my spiritual growth the past year. I thought, If I could just get to Willard, he will have a message for me. He replied in his calming wise, soulful voice that he was only there for my support. He was proud I had made it that far and was happy I saw his reflection.

A little panicky now in the calmest atmosphere I’d ever been in, I turned back toward the water. Annopol was back! Annopol’s reflection was in the water. I looked to my left, but saw nothing beside. I looked back into the water and was quickly captivated by Annopol’s eyes again. Those deep eyes looked straight into my soul. I was naked and stripped from any emotion I had ever hidden behind. Annopol spoke soft words from her soul to mine. Such a pure love, Annopol showed me visions of the accident that morning. I was shown how swift and powerful Annopol ran beside the Jeep to lessen the impact. Annopol shared with me, “I am meant for so much more in life and that I am not done. My journey is just beginning and Annopol has helped me be strong.” I was still captivated, staring into her eyes in the reflection of the water when I was told, “Annopol was a part of me. We are one and the same.” I had needed to see Annopol to believe I wasn’t alone and that is why we walked together over the bridge. “Once we crossed over the bridge,” Annopol continued, “we became one.” That was when I realized Annopol’s reflection was my reflection. That is why I hadn’t seen anything next to me, I only saw Annopol in my own reflection of the water. Annopol flashed soft visions of the accident eight and a half years ago. I saw my daughters eyes deep in Annopol’s eyes. My daughter was a part of Annopol too. Annopol had kept us safe then too. Annopol felt my sadness, darkness and body pains through the years but had to wait until the time was right for me to let it all go. Annopol had been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to help me heal.

I could feel the tears streaming down my face where I had left my physical body. This time they were different. They were healing. There was no anger toward the woman who hit me years ago. There was no anger toward Mary Grace either. I was utterly grateful for my experiences. I was moving past them. The accident that morning happened by “Grace” so I could heal my past. Annopol had never left, but became a part of me when I didn’t have the strength to move forward. Annopol must have know our time was coming to an end. I saw Annopol smile at me from deep within her big, black eyes as I heard the sound of Colleen’s soft voice guiding us back to the bridge. I floated away from the water toward the bridge. I’m not sure if a floating soul could be lighter, but I felt so much lighter! I touched the sand one last time and looked back to view the crystal blue water once more. I turned toward the bridge and saw Annopol next to me again. I leaned into Annopol with a smile, knowing this time it wasn’t because I was scared, but because I was happy she was there. We crossed the bridge together, I said thank you and returned.

I had been crying, so when I returned to my body I let the flood gates open. I was so grateful at that moment that the Jeep had still been drivable and I made it to Reiki class. Annopol made it a priority to get me safely to class.

I couldn’t wait to get home after class. My arms were burning to embrace my daughter. My heart had been filled with so much love that I yearned for her touch. I had let go of my anger, and any left over negetivity from years prior. I didn’t care what else happened in class, I thought I had received the most precious gift I could possibly been given.

The class practiced our new Reiki attunement gifts on each other before the night came to a close. I didn’t feel much affects of having four classmates do Reiki on me until later that evening at home. At this point I had become really sore and was rather uncomfortable any way I tried to lay. Brad also did Reiki and it helped me fall fast asleep. I don’t usually snore, but he said I sounded like a lion snoring with a slight purr. He said it was very out of character for me and was happy I could rest.

I woke up on January 8th knowing that today was going to be an important day. I had known this date was important for quite sometime… I just didn’t know why. I was surprised to wake up to my body feeling great. I didn’t have a headache like the night before. The classic signs of being in an accident were far from my mind. I was wondering if there was any way today was going top the healing I endured yesterday. Not being sore from the accident was a miracle in itself! The communte was non-eventful and that was a great way to start the day!

Colleen had some crystals, rocks, and books for sale and one rock had spoken to me the day before. I ignored it and thought I’d buy it if I still wanted it in the morning. So I purchased it before our day began. I placed this specatular Peridot next to the chair I was sitting in. It had spoke to me all night, but I knew I needed to build a relationship with it before it relvealed why it was supposed to come home with me.

We were getting attuned to our symbols before lunch. I was excited to meet Annopol again and anxious to receive her guidance and message for me. With my new friend, Peridot next to me and heart much calmer than the day before, I was excited for the day to begin. We began our meditation, we were guided to the bridge of light again. Annopol was not with me physcially but I knew Annopol’s strength inside me, so I moved forward. I nodded and thanked the angels standing guard on the bridge. I couldn’t see there faces but I knew they felt my gratitude for putting up with my fear the day prior.

I crossed the bridge and was so happy to feel the soft, velvet sand again. I made my way to the ocean water again and was relieved it was just the way I left it yesterday. I saw Willard in the reflection of the water and he assured me of his happiness to see me once again. He wrapped a branch infront of him and bowed his top branch as though greeting me with a gracious nod. I thought about visiting Willard but my message came quick today, “Be still.” Okay, I thought. I’m always rushing and everyone knows I don’t know how to relax. I sat my floating white light down on the sand, close enough to the water so I could touch that too. The exact same scenery as before so I breathed in the fresh, loving air and stayed still.

I felt a presence to my right, it was my brother, David. He had passed away from a tragic accident fourteen months earlier. He has been monumental in my spiritual growth. He was my big brother who always wanted to keep me safe and his beautiful heart still wanted to keep me safe even after he crossed over. I never saw his face but I knew it was him. He was there for support. At the same moment I asked him why I needed his support, I heard a voice from my left. It had been years since I heard that voice. It was the voice of my dad and now I knew why my borther was there. He was going to be my voice of calm, reasoning.

Dad and I had an extremely rocky relationship between his alcoholism and my strong will. At the age of eight, I had shut down my heart and started to build up a wall to protect myself from the abuse of alcohol and all the tolls it took on our family. I was a very strong willed soul and became independant in life as soon as I could. I never needed him in my life so I was confused as to why I was on this beautiful beach with him. Of all people, why do I see him, this is my magical experience, huh?! He had eventually died from alcohol and there was no doubt his soul was damaged. He wasn’t glowing bright like my brother and I. Dad’s bright light was patched with many dark splotches. I felt he wasn’t as strong as we were and was confused by his spirit’s appearance.

I found myself upset that he was “ruining” my sacred beach, but reluctantly listened to what he had to say. He told me that he did not use his gifts wisely. They were wasted on him and I need to use my gifts. I had struggled after he died with wondering if he ever had any special gifts. Gifts like hearing random voices, seeing enlightened beings, having an over sensitive intuition, etc. Wondering deep down if he didn’t know how to cope with them and alcohol shut them off, which led him down a sad, lonely path. He had answered my question, finally I knew his truth, but that wasn’t his message to me. He told me that he was never able to love me when he was my father on earth and asked my permission to love me as a Spirit Father from the afterlife. I said, I never needed you on earth, why would I need you now? I felt a brotherly nudge from behind me while dad asked once more for permission to love me. I thought about it for a while and he shared with me that if I don’t give him permission, he will leave me alone forever. I immediately knew that I was not prepared to say goodbye forever.

I thought I had healed after his death, but the thought never crossed my mind that I had shunned and refused his love. I had healed enough to learn to love him but the thought of him loving me was new. I always assumed he didn’t love me because he never quit drinking. How selfish I immediately thought, we all have our junk in life that we need to sort out. Some folks are really bad at organizing and become overwhelmed with clutter and don’t know where to start. At that moment, I felt his heart. It ached and his soul was broken. Even after he died, his soul was still broken. How could that be?, I thought. He deserved a chance to love me. Deep down inside me, I really wanted his love, but on the outside, my pride never showed that.

My heart was aching to give him permission to love me. The walls that I had stacked so high around my heart were crumbling. My chest was expanding and I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks of my physical body. I took a deep breath of the perfect ocean air and said that I would be honored to be loved by him as a Spirit Father. He smiled as though part of his soul had been mended. He shined just a little bit brighter than before.

The names of people who dad wronged on earth flashed before my eyes and I realized he needed their forgiveness or love or something to mend is broken soul. Each person held a spot on his soul and he finally wanted to make things right. He has watched the hurt long enough and hoped for redemption from each individual. He longed for his soul to shine bright and I vowed to help him in any way I could. He had made a big gesture toward my healing and I respected his bravery.

Dad and I said thank you to each other and I thanked David for being there to make sure I listened to what dad had to say. I could sense that their mending had already taken place. I knew this was just as much a part of dad’s healing as it was my healing. It was when they disappeared from the sand, that I saw the river.

Yesterday, Colleen had guided us to the river, but I didn’t find it. It had appeared when dad left. I knew I hadn’t seen the river there before, but it looked familiar. I had been to there before. I had a dream a couple months ago sleeping that had stuck with me. The dream was so vivid, I had still wondered the meaning of it. In my dream, I had an argument with my dad, left out the back door and found myself by a pool of water. I reached into the water multiple times, each time picking up a clear quartz crystal and putting it back. I found one that was wrapped in aluminum foil that I kept. It was no significance to me in the dream, except for how vivid with emotions it was.

This is the same river from my dream, I thought. It was attached to the ocean in my dream too! I never found the ocean in my dream, I just knew it was close. I floated over to river to examine the similarities between my dream and now. The water was a deep turquiose and crystal, teal color. There was no end to how deep you could see in the water. It was warm just like the ocean. It wasn’t calm like the ocean and I had to be careful not to hurt myself on all of the jagged edges of the rocks and logs. All the clear quartz crystals were the same as in my dream also. I remembered how they all looked and the specific instructions in my dream was to leave all the others and to take only the one wrapped in foil. I was excited when I found the foil. I unwrapped it just like in my dream and this time the clear quartz shone bright. It illuminated everything before me. I was captivated by this light and knew I found my treasure. The light guided its way directly into my heart. My chest expanded and I inhaled new life.

I was distracted by a voice in the distance. It was Colleen guiding us back to the bridge. I hadn’t noticed her voice or how long she had been guiding us to return. I looked back at the river and the ocean and took off running. I’m not sure if I was speed-floating or running with legs, but the sand felt amazing one last time. My newly, re-energized soul was excitedly screaming, I found it, I found it. I was referring to the new piece of my soul I hadn’t known I’d lost.

When I returned to my physical body, I had tears to shed and gratitude to share. I had also received help from my new friend, Peridot. Here I thought I had done enough healing yesterday with the help of Annopol, but my healing had continued today. Today had topped yesterday!

I chuckled to myself thinking about the struggle I had on whether or not, Reiki was for me. After two days of meditations, I couldn’t believe how much healing I would have missed if I hadn’t have gone. I was so thankful to all my angels, spirit guides and animal guides for allowing me this sacred opportunity. I met lifelong friends and reunited with a soul that I haven’t seen in many lifetimes. As I embark on this new journey, I thank the heavens for allowing Reiki to be a gift to us. The thought excites me that someday I may be a part of guiding someone else through such an amazing healing experience.

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Reiki Business Practices

source :

by Colleen Benelli and Karen Harrison

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2015

Download the Article PDF

Building a successful Reiki Practice will require the effective use of success consciousness, marketing, technology, business organization and comprehension and self-healing. Equally important will be the harmonious integration of your spiritual resources into all your business activities. Reiki will help you listen to divine guidance in the application of these steps so that you will build a Reiki business that matches your heart intention. In this article, we present you with an overview of the steps you will need to create a successful 21st century Reiki business.


There are many benefits to owning your own business and also many challenges. By reading this article, you will be better prepared to decide if a Reiki business is what you really want. Then if the answer is “yes,” we hope that our lists of details and tips for all the areas you will need to consider will allow you to be successfully self-employed. We want to emphasize that building a business and implementing all its practices takes time. However, you do not have to have all of what you are about to read in place in order to begin your professional Reiki practice.


What is success consciousness and how does one develop it?

William Rand says that “definiteness of purpose, sustained over time always produces results; regardless of the obstacles, just keep going.(1)  Success consciousness has to do with what you believe about your ability to succeed. The following are positive concepts that if focused on and accepted will help you develop a stronger level of success consciousness.(2) Reiki may help you develop others that will have personal meaning for you.

• I have all the resources I need to achieve my goals in life,or the ability to develop them.

• I use negative and positive experiences to heal and to grow.

• I continue to improve my current skills and learn new ones.

• There is enough for everyone, including myself.

• I am worthy.

• My Reiki business can successfully provide the services people need.

• I am a valuable Reiki resource for others.

• I am devoted and committed to my personal Reiki practice and apply my devotion and commitment to my Reiki business.

• I trust in the higher power to guide me.

• I am supportive of my clients and students and the entire Reiki community.

• I am willing to ask for help when I need it including from family and other Reiki practitioners.

• Love is my highest goal.

• I am grounded and practical.

Business Comprehension and Organization

Listen with Reiki to decide what kind of a Reiki practice is right for you. You may want to have a simple practice in which you offer Reiki to family and friends and a few others. This level of practice is fine if it feels right for you, and it is also a good place to start even if you are thinking you’d like to eventually develop a more professional practice in which you charge money. On the other hand you may want to have a Reiki business that can support you financially; if this the case, it is important that you regard your Reiki venture as a professional business that requires the application of business principles. This will include business basics such as a business plan, business type, operating income, bookkeeping, checking account, business supplies, taxes, computer, computer software, internet connection, phone, and more.(3)

Do you want to have a part-timeor full-time Reiki business?

Deciding if you want your business to be part-time or full-time is an important decision to make. Starting part-time is a good idea if you need your current job to supply you with an income while you develop your Reiki business. Then after you’ve been operating part-time for a while you could decide to develop it further, quit your current job and go full-time. If you are not currently employed and have a nest egg or other source of income, you could launch into the development of a full-time business right away. Once you’ve decided on part-time or full-time, decide on the number of clients and/or students you’d like to see per week or per month and choose a date that you’d like to achieve this goal by. Then develop a plan to achieve your goal and follow it.(4)

Do you have the time and money to build your business?

Building a successful Reiki business will take an investment of time and money. You will need to figure out how much money you need to start your business and to keep it going until it begins to generate enough money to pay its bills and provide you with the level of profit you need.(5)

Professional Membership

If you plan to have a part- or full-time Reiki business, it is important to consider membership in a professional Reiki membership organization. The code of ethics and standards of practice a membership association requires you to follow will give you recognition as a qualified practitioner and teacher and will make it easier for you to attract clients and students. In addition, being listed on their membership list, the use of a professionally created brochure, the ability to purchase insurance at a discounted rate, use of forms, teaching manuals and class outlines, articles on how to develop and operate a successful Reiki business, class certificates and association with thousands of other Reiki professionals through a membership blog make professional membership an important part of your success plan.(6)

Where will your business be located?

If you choose to start your business in your home, check with your city and/or home association officials to find out the rules and regulations for a home business and if it is allowed. Will you be able to provide a quiet environment for sessions at your home? If you have pets, how will you handle clients with allergies? If you rent space, will you sub-lease or rent a space of your own? You might also consider working out of someone’s office on a split of income basis.(7)

Keeping records of your Reiki sessions

In a professional Reiki business, you will want to document each treatment in a client’s file, kept in a locked cabinet. You can copy the Reiki Client Information Form and the Reiki Documentation Form in the Free Downloads section of the ICRT website.(8)

Do you carry liability insurance?

As a business owner, it is important to obtain professional liability insurance. The professional liability insurance offered through the Reiki Membership Association covers both sessions and classes and includes professional liability coverage, general liability coverage (slip and fall) and insurance protection for the building where you’re giving sessions or teaching.(9) If your business is located in your home, you can also contact your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance agent to obtain a policy for a home business.

Reiki Business and Technology

Many Reiki practitioners we have spoken with over the years revealed a fear and distaste of technology, preferring a high touch, low-tech approach. While this mindset is understandable, it is not helpful in this day of rapidly advancing technological changes. It is important to embrace technology to help you market your Reiki business, provide convenience to your clients and students and save you time. If you have fears or resistance to technology, send Reiki to that issue to heal it so you can benefit from all that technology has to offer.


Do you have a website?

As soon as you begin your business, it is important to create a website. Your clients and students can search for you on the web, read about you and your services, see a picture of you and decide if they want to work with you. William Rand says, “The web is such an integral part of society now that if you don’t have a website, most people will think you’re not serious about your business.”(10) If possible, make your domain name and business name the same for consistency. (11) Listen to your Reiki guidance to create a business name and a matching email address that is easy to remember and spell and reflects what you have to offer. Your website should include a description of your Reiki sessions and classes, a biography and photo, articles you have written, and a method to collect email addresses of potential clients and students and contact information.(12)

Consider hiring a professional webmaster so that your website looks professional. Look at websites that you admire and then contact the webmaster or search on sites like Linkedin for the right professional.(13) Remember, the impression people get from your website is the impression they will have of you, so make sure it looks attractive, is well organized and provides useful and easy to understand information.

Do you have online registration and payment?

It is very helpful and you will get more clients and students if your website has online registration and payment for sessions and classes. You can still process registrations over the phone for any who desire to do so. There are basically two options for online registration: you can add a shopping cart or a link to an online registration program like EventSpot by Constant Contact (14) to your website that will collect the registration and payment for you. Online registration programs give registrants the option to pay by credit card, PayPal, check, or cash, and you can manually enter those who register over the phone. For Reiki session credit card payments, you can choose a merchant that has a card reader that you can attach to your smart phone to process payments.


Marketing is simply the term describing the methods you use to communicate and promote your Reiki services to the public. Marketing can be a lot of fun and creative. Let Reiki and your heart intention guide you with inspiring ideas.

Here are some questions to consider for your marketing decisions:

Who are your customers?

What problems are they trying to solve?

What services do you provide that they need?


Branding gives you the opportunity to communicate your business identity to the public. Good branding must be uniform throughout all your advertising media and include the design of your website, logo, business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, social media pages, etc. Branding also takes into account the design elements of your business name, logo, tagline, color choices, images and written content.(15)

1. Listed below are several important branding guidelines.

2. Express your authentic self.

3. Be consistent.

4. Be transparent.

5. Be professional.

6. Deliver on your brand promises.(16)

Marketing your services  – What Reiki services do you offer and how will you communicate your services to your customers? Your marketing materials need to include your hours, prices, scope of practice and the services you offer to your clients as well as your photo.

Time for Marketing  Do you schedule a specific amount of time each month for promoting your business? You will need to establish work hours dedicated to marketing. Some of your marketing ideas may take years to accomplish or to see results. A common rule of thumb in marketing is that it takes customers eight exposures to marketing before they will consider reacting.

Investment  – Do you have the financial ability to invest in marketing your Reiki business? “If you want to have a successful business, you must operate it in a professional way. All successful businesses spend time and money on promotion. In fact, in many areas of business, advertising and promotion are the largest and most important expenses.”17

Community Outreach  – How are you reaching out? Become a resource for Reiki in your community. Offer Reiki circles, give presentations, provide Reiki sessions in hospitals or clinics, talk and meet with other Reiki practitioners and participate in supporting other Reiki communities through social networking.

Writing, YouTube, Podcasting, Blogging

Creating content about Reiki is now one of the most current methods of marketing. Consider writing for local publications and magazines like Reiki News Magazine ,18 writing a blog, making short YouTube videos and offering podcasts. Decide what you like to do the most and just begin doing it. Ask Reiki what it wants you to write about.

Social Networking  – Are you using social networking to promote your business?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are still the top social networking sites online. Use it as another way to create and participate in community building. It promotes your Reiki business through the example of resource services tha you provide.

Email Lists and Marketing

Do you send newsletters, announcements, promotions, reminders to groups of people?

William Rand says, “One of the most effective things you can do to promote your Reiki practice is develop an email list of those interested in Reiki.”(19)  Emails are an easy way to stay connected to your Reiki students, clients and community. Services like Constant Contact and MailChimp provide easy ways to develop and send group emails. The cost is determined by how many emails you send; some are free for 500–1,000 contacts.

Advertising, flyers, business cards, brochures.

If you advertise in a publication or on a website, ask if you can write articles for the publication too. Flyers, business cards and brochures are still some of the old standards that work.

Word of mouth and referrals

“Those who have experienced your work are the best people to promote you… Make friends with the chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, aroma therapists, medical doctors and other professionals in your area. This method can also open the possibility of being offered a job giving sessions at a clinic.”(20)


Fear of marketing

One of the biggest fears about starting a Reiki business is fear of marketing. The new business owner imagines that she will have to sell herself to her potential clients and students, thus fearing pressuring someone or being rejected. Instead, see your marketing efforts as providing information and service for the larger community rather than selling something.

Fear of accepting money

Some people have fears of accepting money for spiritual work due to teachings or self-worth issues. If these feelings are present, they need to be healed, so send Reiki to the original cause of any unsupportive beliefs. Having a spiritual business that makes money is an excellent way to bring the values and energy of the spiritual world into the material world.(21)

Fear of failure or success

Some people fear failure or success—often at the same time! Consider, is the fear a valid concern or our own inner issues surfacing? We may have voices in our head saying we aren’t good enough, we can’t support ourselves with a Reiki practice or that we should do what we are “supposed” to do rather than listen to the call of our heart. To heal your fears, accept them, send Reiki to the original cause of the fears, then listen for guidance about starting and operating a Reiki business.

Fear of judgment from family or community

Some students express a fear of practicing Reiki due to judgment from their family, friends or community that they regard as the “mainstream.” Yet, “the people who are involved with Reiki are everyday people trying to find a way to heal and contribute to the well-being of life on the earth.”(22) If you have loved ones who seem critical, start by healing any judgments you have about practicing Reiki, then send Reiki to the relationship to clear any conflict for the highest good of all concerned, recognizing that it is not necessary to push Reiki on anyone. You may find that they become supportive.


There will be “life cycles” that take place while building your business that may cause delays. These can be part of your spiritual journey. Keep listening and following divine guidance. Your Reiki business may start up quickly or take years of patient commitment. Remember that every step is part of your personal growth, healing and empowerment.

Whether our “to do” list seems fun and exciting or a bit intimidating, remember that you will be following through on the items on the list for years. The best advice that we have for you is to just begin at the beginning and keep going. Listen for guidance about each step, and then follow through with actions. It is the definiteness of purpose, sustained over time that will bring results.

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(2) Some of these concepts are adapted from the ICRT Center Philosophy.

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The Future of Reiki with William Rand

source :

William will base his idea about the trend Reiki will take in the future by first describing an evidenced based history of Reiki. This will include a synopsis of how Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei, and Takata Sensei practiced and taught Reiki. He will also be talking about the essence of Reiki and how Reiki can be a spiritual practice. He will then explain the direction he thinks the practice of Reiki will take in the future. This is a content rich talk that includes many important details and concepts. Recorded via Skype from Michigan for the 2015 Australian Reiki Connection Conference. Recorded Oct. 17, 2015. We hope you enjoy The Future of Reiki with William Rand!

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Reiki and Our Aging Parents and Loved Ones

source :

by Colleen Benelli 

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2016

Download the Article PDF

I FEEL SO FORTUNATE to have Reiki as my mother ages. She is now almost 84. This is a new life cycle filled with blessings and challenges for both of us. I use Reiki for her and also for myself. Reiki enhances the quality of life for both of us. It nourishes us through the simple act of touch that we share through Reiki. Reiki activates love and helps me to keep love as my priority. It provides us both with tremendous support.

I am aware that many people reading this have their own stories and many of them are much more difficult than mine. At 84, my mother is still full of life, active and social. She has a great attitude about life, spirituality and death. She is fun to be with and very likeable. When she is well she is bright, capable and strong. She loves Reiki too, which is a huge benefit. She will always say yes when I offer to give her some. I am so grateful to her for this. However, this life cycle still has its challenges for her and for me. She has chronic health issues and has been in and out of medical crises for the past five years. I write this article to offer insight to others who are in this cycle of life as a reminder to use Reiki to manage it all.

I find that Reiki aligns me with both the practical and spiritual resources I need to act with grace. It first connects my spirit to God so I can better receive divine guidance, which then leads me to the support I need according to the situation. Being able to receive is essential. Many of us who are drawn to Reiki are often over-givers. We are good at giving but not as good at receiving. Reiki has helped me to open to receive the support that is available. As a result, I have become aware of the importance of receiving and am more able to receive with grace. I have learned to say yes to my family and friends who offer to help me when my mother’s care becomes more than I can handle. I also ask for help. The people who offer support are relieved when I rely on them.

They want to help, and it is hard on them when I say no. This has been a tremendous growth experience for me. We receive Reiki as a gift and in turn Reiki teaches us how to receive the gifts available to us from outside resources.

After five years of intermittent caregiving for my mother, I have learned that I have very little control over daily events. She can be well one day and very ill the next. The only control I have is how I respond to it all. Reiki helps me respond in the way that is meaningful to me so that I can be the person I want to be during this time. Reiki gives me the internal peace I need to realize that when my mom is in a medical crisis, I need to set aside my ego and personality and take care of her needs first. Reiki gives me patience and the perspectives I need to understand that she faces limitations that frustrate her and that I can respond with love, compassion, respect, encouragement and kindness. She is uncomfortable asking for my help so I have to notice what she needs and take care of it quietly. We both have to adjust to her new reality and capabilities.

My mother also needs me to be her advocate and help her navigate through the medical system. Like many of her generation, she is not used to questioning doctors and their authority. As many of you know all too well, navigating through the health care system and health insurance is like walking through a maze every day. There are specialists in every field of health. I never knew there were so many kinds of cardiologists. Each one does something different, and it takes all of them to provide my mother with cardiology care. Finding out which doctors do what, which hospitals are the best match, what kind of care rehabilitation centers provide, what Medicare and insurance allows and pays for and what resources there are for seniors takes persistence. I am my mother’s advocate through every doctor’s appointment and hospital stay.

…the only control any of us really have is to be who we want to be in the situation and be the highest version of ourselves possible. Regardless of the situation, use Reiki as a powerful resource and life management tool. It is always available to help you.

At the same time, I see how important it is for my mother to be independent and have control over her decisions. However, her body and mind don’t always cooperate. When she is well, she is very capable, but when illness strikes, her mental acuity is less than what we are both used to; she can become confused and her default response is to be uncooperative, a response to the anxiety she is experiencing about her limitations. I have to decide how to proceed and sometimes it has been very difficult. However, I have one friend who my mother will listen to when she won’t listen to me. She can get my mom to cooperate when I can’t. This friend is experienced with caregiving too, and I have learned to listen to her advice and ask for her help.

One thing that I can always depend on to help is Reiki. When I give my mother Reiki, it relaxes her and she becomes clearer, more cooperative and hopeful. Reiki definitely reduces her stress and alleviates some of the symptoms she is experiencing. She sleeps better, eats better and is intellectually more aware of her situation. My mother doesn’t really like the altered state that Reiki can give her and so she usually talks during the sessions. I give her Reiki while she is in bed; she likes the TV on and her dog nearby, often making noise. I pull up a chair and just place my hands where I can reach. I give her Reiki in the way she is most comfortable. That way it is all on her terms in the way she needs it.

Other times when my mom has been in the hospital, I have given her Reiki before a procedure or while she is recovering. She has also had several month-long stays at medical rehabilitation centers. I go in and give her Reiki while everything is going on around us. She loves it and always tells the doctors and nurses that I am giving her Reiki and gets them to talk about it. Providence Hospital in Portland is her hospital, and they have a great Reiki program. So she loves to tell everyone what I am doing. Again, I just place my hands where I can reach. Sometimes I can’t reach any spot on her body so I simply activate it in me and expand the field of Reiki flowing around me to fill the room. I send Reiki to the room with my thoughts and activate blessings all around us. I invite Reiki to assist her medical team and caregivers.

Our Reiki sessions also create the time to talk about what she needs. It helps me decide what course of action to take, and this has often been the most difficult part of caregiving with my mom. As I have said, when she is well, she is sharp and capable, but when she is not, her ability to assess her circumstance is impaired, and she will automatically refuse to go to the doctor or the hospital. I often have to override her wishes and call the doctor or the ambulance. It took me quite a few episodes of medical crises brought on by delaying her medical treatment in response to her decisions to realize that I had to take control and make the decisions that are in her best interest. Neither of us is used to me overruling her authority. Reiki helps me align my authentic authority and discernment with divine guidance, which gives me the confidence to make the right decisions.

My mother’s thought process improves as her health improves so then she is able to understand my choices on her behalf. Reiki gives me peace while I wait for this shift in her thinking. She is not always happy about it all! My mother‘s determination is part of her personality and it has been an especially admirable quality through her older years. She is living every minute of life. However, sometimes her determination overrules her ability to assess her skills and physical capabilities and she thinks she can do more than is realistic. This is another place that Reiki empowers my discernment. It is important that I respect her ability to do everything she can do and at the same time be ready when her determination over-estimates what she can physically do.

Reiki strengthens our spiritual connections too. Each of us has our own path to walk as an individual and with others. My mother and I are able to have deep and meaningful conversations about God and what happens after this life. My mother says that she is at peace with dying; she just wants to feel good and have fun until then. We talk a lot about it while I give her Reiki. It gives us time for those philosophical conversations. She has always been a deeply independent, spiritual person. I still learn a lot from her. She listens to my contemplations about my spiritual path with Reiki and contributes her views and ideas about it. She shares her life stories and memories. I listen, and I learn so much more about her life and our family history. It gives her the time for reflection and life review. She has lived a full life and has loved and been well loved. I appreciate these times with her and feel very fortunate that I have this opportunity to get to know her even more. And I think she gets to know herself more too.

Reiki also helps me support myself when I get frustrated or have the normal emotions that can accompany everything I have talked about. Most of the time I am pretty peaceful about it all, but I don’t make it to that peaceful place every day. My massage therapist was massaging the tension out of my face the other day and started to chuckle about the stress I was holding on to. She said that I put too many expectations on myself to “be spiritual” about it all. She was laughing because she does that too. I think it is a common enough thought for those of us walking a spiritual path—as if being spiritual means that I am not allowed to have rough times and feel overwhelmed and anxious.

However, getting upset doesn’t help. So I use Reiki to return to emotional balance. Self-Reiki is my best friend when my emotions get away from me. Because I use so much self-Reiki, it can quickly make a difference in my perceptions. When I feel calm and peaceful inside I am more able to think about solutions and appropriate actions. I have found that sometimes I need to simply rely on my actions and not worry about my feelings because I know that it is possible to have multiple feelings at the same time. I can feel upset and still act with respect and kindness. I can feel distressed and have compassion and joy in my heart at the same time. And self-Reiki helps me have compassion for myself too. My friend who can communicate so well with my mother has often reminded me that “none of it is about you” and “you will be so glad that you have done everything you have done,” when I get overwhelmed by the responsibilities. And I can listen to her and feel that it is okay to be feeling all of this.

Time management with Reiki helping out is miraculous. Caregiving is time consuming and unpredictable. However, in the past five years I have not had to cancel clients or Reiki classes; my Reiki schedule has always worked out. The medical crises seem to always happen at a time when I can stop what I am doing and focus on what my mom needs. I am not quite sure how Reiki knows what I need, but my schedule has worked out far too often for me to believe it is a coincidence. Reiki continually shows me that everything really is already all right. I am being taken care of too. I have divine support in more ways than I can comprehend.

Self-Reiki has become one of my greatest resources now. I use it wherever I am in whatever way is appropriate. I invite Reiki when I am busy, still, watching TV, going from here to there, waiting in the hospital, working, etc. Reiki is effective in helping me in every circumstance. If I can’t place my hands on myself, such as when I am driving, then I simply think about the Reiki symbols and let them show up to help me connect to God and divine guidance.

Distant Reiki is also extremely useful with my mom. Even though she lives with my husband and me, I send her Reiki continuously. She is part of my Reiki Crystal Grid. I also send Reiki to myself, her doctors and our friends—our support system. I use distant Reiki to send to my other family members who are affected by the ups and downs of my mother’s health. It is difficult for the people who care about my mother, but live too far away from her to be here with her.

The aging process of our parents is a different journey for each of us. Some of the medical and emotional circumstances are far more challenging than what I describe. Sometimes parents aren’t open to Reiki and are difficult to care for. Their illness may be worse than what I describe. A parent may not be himself or herself anymore. Sometimes past wounds between the parent and child can cause resentment and anger. Not all families cooperate, and there can be conflict.

Through the entire process the only control any of us really have is to be who we want to be in the situation and be the highest version of ourselves possible. Regardless of the situation, use Reiki as a powerful resource and life management tool. It is always available to help you. Love is the easiest way to walk this path with your aging parents. Reiki will activate the love and blessings needed for all situations.

Colleen is the founder of Reiki Lifestyle and a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the ICRT. She teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki including Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. She is also an Associate Teacher for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Colleen lives in Portland, Oregon. Join her on ReikiChat™, a free, monthly Q & A teleconference call, by going to For all other information, Colleen can be reached by email at, through her website at or by phone at  (503) 912-0664.

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Live a Reiki Lifestyle

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by Colleen Benelli 

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2015

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REIKI IS MY LIFESTYLE and my life management tool. I use Reiki all day long for everything. I am in a deep personal relationship with Reiki that guides me throughout my day. But in the beginning, I had no idea that Reiki would change my life so much, that it would become my lifestyle. In fact, I didn’t believe Reiki would work. I had no idea that it was possible to be connected to Reiki through an attunement. I was raised with the idea that I had to work hard and sacrifice if I wanted something; I had to do to earn it or deserve it or be good enough for it. So when I received Reiki simply by receiving it through an attunement, it completely expanded my belief system and opened a whole new awareness of possibilities. Reiki started to teach me how to receive as the first lifestyle change I experienced.


Living a Reiki lifestyle gives me the ability to be who I want to be in this world. Reiki is a tool I use to manage my life. It enhances every part of my life. It heals the injuries and revitalizes my spirit. Reiki helps me stay in a state of listening so I can receive divine guidance and divine revelation…



Here is a quote from a previous article that I wrote in 2012:1

“What I have come to realize is that the real reason I couldn’t accept the idea that Reiki could just be given to me is that at the time, I was not very good at receiving. I now know that I didn’t have any concept that “receiving” would benefit me. I had never thought about it. I was always the giver, the independent one, the one who could do everything herself and didn’t need any help. In fact, I was a tremendous “over-giver.” I would give at great personal cost and not even think about how it affected me. If anyone asked me if I needed help, I would politely smile and decline the offer, saying, “No, I’ve got it covered. I’m fine, but thank you anyway!” And I believed it and was proud of this part of me.”2

If this seems similar to your story, consider using Reiki to heal and empower your ability to receive. There may be ancestral, spiritual or past life healing that is needed and that is hidden from you. Since I wrote the article in 2012, I have consciously used Reiki as a tool to ask for divine assistance to help me receive. I now say yes when someone asks if I need help. I also ask others for help when I need it. I graciously receive compliments and comfortably allow others to show appreciation to me, which used to be very uncomfortable for me.

Divine Revelation and Spirituality

Learning how to receive was probably the most significant change Reiki made in my lifestyle. At first it seemed that I was learning just about receiving for my personal relationships with others, but I found that it also changed how I receive from my relationship with God. Activating Reiki each day shows me that I am always connected to God so that divine guidance is available to me all the time. Divine guidance sparks divine revelation, which is a pure resource of information to guide my decisions, choices and activities from a much higher perspective than my own.

Reiki is a tool I use daily to connect divine guidance and divine revelation with my inner guidance. HSZSN and the Holy Fire Reiki Master symbol create a bridge of light that unites God with my spirit, soul and my ego. This inner spiritual unity provides the trust my ego needs to receive and follow divine guidance in my daily actions. When I invite Reiki into my day, my spirit is present and has a voice. It is more connected to God than my ego.

DKM connects the light of God with the light of my spirit. It is a treasure house for the great beaming light. HSZSN helps me to see the divine in myself, and then see it in everything and everyone else. When my spirit is present and active my life flows more smoothly. And if it isn’t smooth in the moment, then my reactions to my circumstances are more peaceful. CKR helps me have the physical abilities I need to take action based on the guidance I have received. It brings the power of divine love into every situation so that I am aligned and operating through love in my daily life. SHK helps me stay in a state of active listening and also translates the messages and revelation I receive.

Living my life through divine guidance and revelation provides ease and freedom. I always thought I had to figure everything out for myself, that I was the ultimate creator of my reality. Reiki has taught me that there are incredible spiritual resources available to assist me and highlight the path in front of me. I am able to receive, understand and implement the spiritual guidance intended for me. This allows me to simply follow a path rather than trying to navigate through the world strictly by my own will and desires. My ego is set aside, giving my spirit the bigger voice in making the decisions that create my lifestyle.


Reiki is a tool that has given me greater access to my internal and external resources. The deeper I go with Reiki, the more unity I experience with spirit, God and my worldly resources. The internal unity gives me a deep well of inspiration to rely on. Holy Fire Reiki connects me to the Holy Spirit as a resource of love and joy to guide and manifest my life goals.

Each of the Reiki symbols is an external resource of life force energy that gives life and vitality to the life force energy within us. I invite in the Reiki symbols and I receive a variety of gifts from each one depending on what I need in the moment. I may need spiritual, physical, mental or emotional guidance, and I may need the resource from the spiritual world or the material world or both. Having Reiki engaged aligns me to the resources available and necessary. If the resource I need isn’t available to me in the moment, Reiki will help me heal and empower me to develop the resource I need.

Worldly resources are also necessary in life, and Reiki has certainly guided me in creating my material world. Reiki has helped me manifest the lifestyle I envision. I am very blessed with a good life, lots of love and the ability to live my heart intention; to be the change I want to see in the world and to spread Reiki in the world for the children.

Reiki helps me listen for the solutions I need each day. Listening is one of the most important qualities and skills I have developed. Active listening allows me to receive guidance on my priorities in each moment. It guides me to the actions and the doing-ness of my day. Reiki and listening give me clarity and clear access to my resources, both internal and external.

I wrote about the art of listening with Reiki in an earlier article. Here is what active listening can add to your life.

“I love that I have become a person who listens. It has brought me great joy and personal freedom. When I am listening, I am present, my senses and perceptions are heightened and awake. I can hear myself think, and I can dialogue with my heart. I can hear the world around me, and I am in the moment. Spirit and my Reiki guides can talk to me because I am listening for them. When I listen to others with my full attention, they know they are being heard, which makes it easier for them to speak from their hearts, and easier for me to understand them.”3

My lifestyle is more peaceful because I listen. There is so much more to life; blessings are more apparent because I notice them. My mind chatter is quiet. I can hear the people around me. My relationship with God is more available to me.


My lifestyle includes a lot of family, friends, colleagues and community. Reiki is active in all of my relationships. I am fortunate that my family loves Reiki too. Most of them have their Reiki attunements, even my nieces and nephews. Each works with Reiki in his or her own way, some use it a lot, others just a little. There is a heart connection between all of us through Reiki, a closeness even though we may see and live in the world differently and have different beliefs.

My 83-year-old mother has had a variety of illnesses, and I have been in intensive caregiving for her at different times during the past five years. I give her Reiki regularly and it keeps her spirit and vitality strong. My mom prefers Reiki while we talk, so I usually sit next to her bed and place my hands on the closest position I can comfortably reach, and we talk about whatever is going on that day. Reiki has made a huge difference in her recovery from very serious ailments. I keep it very simple with her and she responds beautifully to it. I don’t worry about specifically inviting all the Reiki symbols or using all of the hand positions. I just put my hands on and give her Reiki. Like Takata Sensei, “Hands on, Reiki on, hands off, Reiki off.”

I give Reiki to my grandchildren who are eight and four years old. It heals their skinned knees and tears. They usually just want a few minutes of Reiki when I give it. My grandson always asks why my hands are so hot with Reiki. I watch as they grow older and use Reiki to help them retain their childhood wonder and imagination. I attuned my granddaughter Eva and showed her how she could use self-Reiki to talk with Jesus when she is in her room at night. Reiki is helping her to remember how to do this. I told her that Reiki would help her align her imagination in a positive way. Instead of seeing the shadows in her room in the dark, she will see and talk with angels. And they will be there to reassure her and be her friend.

My husband Robin uses Reiki in his work. He owns Benelli Construction here in Portland, Oregon. The other day on our walk he said, “I think about the problems that need to be solved, I invite Holy Fire and then listen for the answers. It always lets me know the best way to handle the situations that arise.” Not only does Reiki work for the problems and issues, Robin also uses Reiki to manifest his business success. Just this morning, he talked about the difference in his business success when he actively uses Reiki. He invites the Holy Fire master symbol, which can present itself like a colorful flame, then steps into the flame and listens for his solutions. Reiki answers him with the best way to approach each circumstance.

Reiki Community and Goals

My heart intention with Reiki is to help create local, national and global Reiki community. In my vision, the communities will help to build Reiki as a mainstream practice and household word. Children will grow up and use Reiki for their healing, empowerment and spirituality and perhaps even support their lifestyle as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. That is my dream and why I spend so much time with Reiki. Our Reiki community makes my heart sing. Because I am a full-time Reiki practitioner and teacher, I spend many hours with the Reiki community. People from all walks of life, all ages and beliefs are interested in Reiki, how it works, how to learn it, how to heal from it and how to share it with others. Many people are looking for a tool like Reiki to help them in their daily life. They are looking for like-minded people who are interested in living a meaningful life.

Holy Fire is a fire of unity and is very involved in creating Reiki community. It showed me an image of a young tribal girl offering the gift of a hot coal to her neighbor, then that neighbor built her fire, and passed a coal to her neighbor. Holy Fire shows me that we are all community and there are enough resources for everyone to share. The belief in the fire of unity is part of my lifestyle now Spirituality and Healing Reiki has continued to evolve my spirituality through the years. Holy Fire Reiki has expanded my belief system again. Years ago, I distanced myself from my childhood religion and my spiritual relationships with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit because of my own issues around the Catholic religion. In the quote above from my article “Listen with Reiki,” I mentioned listening to “Spirit and my Reiki guides.” At the time, Jesus was my main Reiki guide, but even though I wanted the relationship with him, I still kept him at a distance.

Holy Fire Reiki has been healing the separation and my spiritual relationships with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I work with these beautiful beings in all of my Reiki work and it is profound and very different than what I was taught as a child. Reiki creates a connection between my spirit and God in every aspect of my life. I can talk with Jesus again without fear or judgment. My relationship is directly between him and me. Reiki has created a path for me to know him from my own inner authority instead of an outside authority. Now Jesus is my main Reiki guide and this creates a much higher frequency in my Reiki work than ever before. This has brought great inner peace, as if I am finally resolving past issues probably from other lifetimes as well as this one. I love what I am learning now. Jesus was a master healer who said we could do what he did and more. He is teaching me what he meant by that. This enriches my life and fulfills my heart.


Living a Reiki lifestyle gives me the ability to be who I want to be in this world. Reiki is a tool I use to manage my life. It enhances every part of my life. It heals the injuries and revitalizes my spirit. Reiki helps me stay in a state of listening so I can receive divine guidance and divine revelation, and take action with the guidance. It reveals spiritual and material resources available to me. It helps me achieve my goals and manifest my heart intentions.

The Reiki ideas presented in this article reflect how Reiki is a lifestyle for me, but how you live a Reiki lifestyle will be unique for you. You will notice that the Reiki techniques I shared in this article were very general. There are many ways to use Reiki to enhance your lifestyle. Just invite Reiki in whatever way occurs to you in each moment. Experiment with ways to bring Reiki into your daily life. Play and learn from Reiki itself.

I do Reiki in every way I can think of. Sometimes I take a long time with self-Reiki and just as often I use Reiki on the fly. I simply invite Reiki in the best way for the moment. I listen for divine guidance in my daily life whether I am still or busy. I open my heart to receive and let God and my spirit guide my ego. It is quite a nice lifestyle to live.

1 Colleen Benelli, “Reiki and the Art of Receiving,” Reiki News Magazine Fall 2012. You can find this article on the author’s website, 2 Art of Receiving, 27. 3 Colleen Benilli, “Listen with Reiki,” Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2007, 37.

Colleen is the founder of Reiki Lifestyle and a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the ICRT. She teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki including Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. She is also an Associate Teacher for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Colleen lives in Portland, Oregon. Join her on ReikiChat™, a free, monthly Q & A teleconference call, by going to For all other information, Colleen can be reached by email at, through her website at or by phone at  (503) 912-0664.









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