Which path is the right path?

A story about awakening.

SpiritPathIt’s 2016 and about 6 years since I started becoming aware of what so many call the Real Truth, is.  I can still remember how shocked I was and how pieces of the puzzle started to fall in to place. How all your questions from childhood that your parents and teachers swept under the rug when you asked are being answered. Do you remember too?

What was it like for you? How did it happen for you? Don’t forget that moment or time as it doesn’t always happen in a flash. Did you go through all the stages of awakening? I just read an article by Laura Jane on the different steps of awakening and I saw myself in this article too (The 6 steps of Awakening on humansarefree.com).

We’ve all moved on since that first realization. More questions came up. What now? What do I do with this knowledge? My personal journey took me to a forum where I met so many wonderful people that were so helpful in answering and trying to explain their take on reality.

And that brings me to a question that bothered me all along my journey – even true to this day…. How do I know that what I’m understanding as the truth is the truth? Am I imagining my ‘spiritual growth’? Don’t you also sometimes wonder, doubt?

I remember that the only way it all made sense to me was to compare life with a video game. You pop in a disc and on that disc is the beginning of the game, every stage you have to pass and then, if you play it long enough, well enough, you reach the final stage where you have your last and final battle. You can give up any time, but you have to start over again. Everyone played the game differently, but you had to pass certain obstacles to advance in the game, going to the next level.

I found this article (on http://ancientstardust.com/) where Laura Scott gave advice to somebody that wrote in to her website. The person struggled with the same issues and she replied:

 Spirit life is quite vast and limitless. The burden of gravity and corporeal limitations are no longer present. Some spirits choose to be quite social, some choose to ‘work’ towards the greater good, others enjoy attending events. Let me ask you, how does one define an Infinite Vibrational Experience with the limitations of our own languages here? Anyone who has ever translated from one language to another knows that each language has it’s own limitations for describing things be it emotions, scenarios or situations. Each interpreter can have their own way of relaying what they see. What one culture defines with a simple gesture, the same gesture in another culture has an entirely different meaning! Seemingly small things like the casual wave of a hand can cause a chain reaction of other meanings as my Greek friends explained to me this summer. With our own human languages so limited and always ego born, it’s understandable to see why frustration occurs when trying to describe something so vast and limitless.

Believe what feels right to you Patricia, there is no right or wrong here if you are making your decisions based on love and the place of willingness. What works for you and makes sense to you is what matters. What works for each of us now will likely change and evolve to something else down the road as we continue to grow (a reward for the constant mastering of ego).

So I guess, today, the answer for me still lies in that video game. We all play the game differently; we all pass (eventually) the obstacles placed in our path to advance to the next level.

So my question to you all is simple – share your story of awakening and your take on all the diverse “answers” about spiritual growth that bombards us on a daily basis. Maybe your answer will help the next awakening person out there that needs some guidance…


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