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As we open our hearts to pray for peace in the world, we do not forget for a moment all the Syrian refugees landing on a foreign soil each day with no shelter, no food, and no one to receive them, forced to leave their war-torn homeland.  In February alone, 56,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Greece and thousands more are arriving every day.

Meeting the heartbreak of those who have lost everything with pure compassion, yogini sister Zoë Wild created One Light Global, an organization that provides humanitarian aid for families, widows and orphans in crisis fleeing the devastation of war and seeking a life of safety and opportunity in new lands.

Awakening Women has been following and supporting Zoe’s wonderful work, and we are truly impressed with the impact she is having, and how she is modeling for us all the power we access when we let our hearts take the steering wheel.

Our 21 Day Divine Mother Sadhana begins today, April 6th, and we will be donating $10 from each registration to One Light Global’s project that gives emergency aid to female refugees, particularly elderly, sick and pregnant women at the border camps in northern Greece (in the form of medicine, hygiene and moon cycle items, food, and warm clothes). And also building a community center to help the widowed refugees in Istanbul to provide basic needs for themselves and their children (food, medicine, clothing) and helping them to build a new life through education and learning a trade.
Zoë will be going to Turkey in May, and will be able to share updates with us about how our donation is making a difference in these women’s lives.

As part of our Divine Mother Sadhana—our practice of peace—we will be exploring how we have the power to end war and restore peace when we look deeper than the appearance of violence “out there”, deeper than the dual view of “us against them”, rooting ourselves in the real source of power we have to make change in the world.

If you would like to join us in birthing peace into the world through an unwavering commitment to the medicine of the Divine Mother, registration is still open here for our online Sadhana.

To find out more about Zoë and how to support her work with Syrian refugees, you can visit her website and Facebook page.

May there be peace in our hearts,
May there be peace in the world,

Suzan, Chameli & the Awakening Women Team